About Us

Company Overview

CloudQwest Solutions was established in June 2002.  CloudQwest is a fast growing technology, consultancy and software solution company.  At CloudQwest, we bridge the gap between our partner client and the technology. We listen to company’s goal, assess needs, and then take the necessary steps to achieve the objectives.

We offer them cost effective and innovative solutions and services. Our mission is to provide best quality services while providing the maximum value to our clients.



  • The Company’s mission is to serve all businesses through meeting and managing the Customer’s needs & requirements by using our customized technology and services.
  • To gain competitive edge over large scale businesses
  • To empower all employees in marketing and promoting our services so to achieve leverage and expand upon its base of mission  critical information and telecommunications technologies.
  • Optimize the use of existing and planned investment in systems and technology.



  • The company’s vision is to be one the best Information Technology consulting firm in the Philippine.
  • To become competitive consistently in the aspects of business communication.