Why Acumatica ERP?

The system provides businesses with operational flexibility, efficiency, and continuity.
Your entire team can use the platform at any time and from any location.
The platform allows you to simply integrate your collaboration tools,
conferencing solutions, and business apps.

Rated No. 1 in
User Satisfaction
and Usability

Built on the world’s
best cloud and
mobile technology

Best Cloud ERP in Asia

specializes solution
for all companies

Drive business growth thru Acumatica

Acumatica modules has all the answers to your unique business needs

Accounting & Finance

A business management system that offers accounting, financial, and human resource modules. Use it to track revenue, collaborate with your team, manage customer relationships, and more.

Project Accounting

An easy-to-use accounting software for project-based companies. It solves the pain of managing budgets, cash flow, and more. It’s perfect for firms that want more control over their projects and clients.


Offer real-time coordination of activities across your whole business, integrate production planning and the shop floor with customer management, sales orders, inventory, purchasing, accounting, and financial reporting.

Human Capital Management

Automatically keep track of the time spent by employees, contractors, and other personnel or resources. With a simple click, team leaders may record time for various employee crews.

Accounting software for any business
Acumatica Distribution Management
Acumatica Construction Edition

Distribution & Logistics

Acumatica provides a complete range of solutions to help you improve your operations, from industry-leading software to advanced logistics systems.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

An easy-to-use, cloud-based customer relationship management solution, it’s a single place for all your customer relationships and customer data, enabling you to identify and engage with your high-value customers


An easy-to-use streamlined system, it’s the easiest way to keep track of what you’ve bought and spent, organize your receipts and make better purchase decisions.


Automates the establishment, processing, and reporting of payroll, allowing employees to receive their compensation by check or direct deposit.

Acumatica Powerful Features

The right cloud ERP software can keep your virtual teams productive
even during a pandemic and At ALL TIMES

Awards and Recognitions of Acumatica Cloud ERP

Acumatica is proud that our completely integrated Cloud ERP solution
is recognized as the one of the best ERP software products 
on the market
by leading industry organizations and publications.


Why Acumatica ERP?

Universal Platform

Develop all applications in the same environment; take advantage of advanced extensibility capabilities; rely on the Acumatica Framework and rapid release cycles to maintain technology leadership.

Familiar Environment

The Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform is built on industry standard Microsoft .NET, HTML 5, and Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment, ensuring a large worldwide talent pool.

Acumatica Customer Management

Speed To Market

Bring your application to market in months, not years, by leveraging rich platform features and pre-built functionality; Acumatica xRP is architected for scale, performance, and flexibility.

Protect Investments

Abstract your application code from technology changes through the Acumatica middle tier.

Low Code / No Code Customizations

The platform also includes a simplified web interface so non-programmers who are business process experts can make simple application changes and update workflows without detailed programming knowledge.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence with machine learning is used throughout the ERP application for automating accounts payable bills, expense matching, OCR scanning for business cards and other documents, and other business processes.

Workflow and Alerts

Create and modify business process workflows to match the way you do business. Create business events for text or email alerts to manage your business by exception.

Workflow and Alerts

Create and modify business process workflows to match the way you do business. Create business events for text or email alerts to manage your business by exception.

Key Powerful Features of Acumatica ERP

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Technology Leadership on a
Future-Proof Cloud Platform

Delivers Real Time
Work Anywhere, Anytime
Accessible in ALL Devices
in iOS or android
Scale felxbility thru a serverless application
BIG Real Cost Savings
No Need to Purchase
for Servers
No Need for Hard Coding
No need for Programming